GSE partnered with White-Spunner Construction, Inc. to provide three new buildings to support Chevron’s new $1.4 billion Pascagoula Base Oil Project (PBOP) expansion. The Learning and Performance Center (LPC) is 19,700 square feet in two connected buildings: the Training and Hands-On buildings. The LPC’s Training building hosts computer- and video-based training for all refinery personnel, including classrooms, a video production suite, and administrative offices. The Hands-On building hosts all training and testing for Chevron’s skilled trade employees. The LPC buildings were pre-engineered steel clear-span buildings on an elevated structural concrete slab supported on auger-cast piles. The design included welding fume removal systems, overhead cranes and compressed air distribution. The Fabrication Shop has 8,750 square feet of shop space for all-weather steel and pipe fabrication during plant shutdowns. The shop is a pre-engineered steel clear-span building on a conventional shallow concrete foundation. The design included bridge cranes, jib cranes and compressed air distribution.

Southern Company

GSE teamed with long-time partner Dunn Building Company to provide design-build services for the 11,000-square-foot office and maintenance building. The project is part of constructing the $6.6 billion power plant, the largest facility in the world, using integrated gasification and carbon capture technologies.

Natural Gas Recovery Systems

Oil & Gas Control and SIS Systems: Provided Redundant server-based PCS and SIS systems for an international-based facility that housed 60MMSCFD ethane and butane recovery. The Process Control System (PCS) utilized redundant high-end processors with HMI servers with over 10,000 IO points. The Safety Instrumented System achieved a SIL 2 validation once commissioned. The facility included natural gas inlet & outlet control valves, hot oil heaters, two-phase separation, process towers, and storage of gas and liquid products via truck load-out stations.

Liquid Sulfate Processing Systems

Chemical Processing Systems: GSE completed control system specification, CAD design, material selection, PLC and HMI programming for a hot liquid sulfite chemical facility. The facility operation consisted of the fill, mixing, level and flow control of multiple hot sulfite solution concentrations while controlling level, pH, and turbidity online with real-time stamping of process conditions throughout. The Rockwell ControLogix PLC components were monitored with a Wonderware HMI platform for local and enterprise reporting. The control system included the operation, monitoring, and safety control of associated scrubber and water treatment systems.

Duke Energy Nuclear Facilities

GSE provided clean agent, sprinkler, fire alarm systems and seismic support bracing for safety upgrades at several nuclear facilities operated by Duke Energy in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Connecticut, Virginia and Alabama. The upgrades were installed in response to new regulations by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the aftermath of the Fukushima incident. New fire protection systems were installed in concrete domes designed to house vital equipment and protect against extreme weather and seismic and blast conditions.