Technip Spoolbase

GSE partnered with design-build contractor GA West for Technip USA’s new 75,000-square-foot spoolbase facility. The facility fabricates and welds mile-long pipe lengths that are spooled and transported by large ships to be laid offshore for the oil and gas industry. GSE’s scope of work included life safety, mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil engineering design for the new pipe storage, assembly, spooling and loading facilities.

Mobile Container Terminals

GSE partnered with Han Padron and Associates (HPA) to design the 100-acre container port on a prepared site. GSE’s project scope included the design of all site utilities (water, sewer, stormwater, electrical, and fire water), administration and maintenance buildings, assorted site structures, site lighting, fire protection design, and construction assistance. GSE oversaw all communication with local governmental agencies and utilities.


Oceaneering provides engineered services and products primarily to the offshore energy industry and focuses on deepwater applications. GSE provided planning, design, and construction supervision for a new undersea pipe umbilical facility built on a brownfield site. The project’s scope included renovating a 165,000-square-foot manufacturing space with two 50,000-square-foot circular buildings designed to spool pipe umbilicals. Detailed design included the manufacturing facility, spooling building, guard building, and gate. Site and utility design included grading, paving, storm drainage, fire water, domestic water, sewage, electrical, and communication lines.