Electrical Engineer


Responsible for all aspects of projects including the design phase, production of construction plans and specifications, energy calculations and studies, site inspections, and contract administration.

 Primary Duties:

  • Formulate, determine and evaluate electrical energy transmission and distribution systems layout, from electrical utility company to exterior and interior of commercial and industrial facilities, through overhead and underground transmission lines and electrical equipment
  • Produce engineering schematics of electrical power transmission and distribution, including electrical equipment arrangement, for government, commercial, and industrial projects.
  • Design engineering schematics for medium and low voltage distribution including telecommunication systems, for new and existing commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Design engineering schematics of interior and exterior lighting layouts, for commercial and industrial projects.
  • Apply knowledge of analytical and/or scientific software, computer-aided design (CAD) such as AutoCAD, to produce all required engineering design schematics.
  • Analyze electrical energy transmission and load distribution in commercial and industrial construction projects. Analysis includes fault current calculations of electrical circuits and components.
  • Calculate design specifications for all necessary electrical transmission and distribution equipment such as transformers, switchgear, meters, wire troughs, conduits and conductors, main panels, distribution panels, circuit breakers, receptacles, etc., for commercial and industrial facilities and projects.
  • Perform photometric calculations for interior and exterior spaces, and design specifications for interior and exterior lighting fixtures and associated equipment, for commercial and industrial projects.
  • Calculate project cost estimations for electrical work and equipment, and perform work planning, scheduling, coordination and reporting, for commercial projects.
  • Perform electrical load and voltage drop calculations on single and three-phase AC systems.
  • Design and specify electrical control systems such as lighting control systems, relays, power control systems, etc., for commercial and industrial projects.
  • Coordinate electrical engineering designs with relevant parties such as contractors, utility company engineers, lighting and electrical gear manufacturers, architects, and customers.
  • Prepare and maintain thorough and accurate records of engineering design schematics, technical reports, correspondence, documentation, calculations, etc.
  • Review electrical equipment installation and quality assurance documentation, such as electrical and lighting equipment submittals.
  • Perform construction site inspections to ensure adherence to engineering design specifications and established standards, and provide support and consultation to general and electrical contractors on designs and projects.
  • Use and apply electrical energy systems principles, theories, concepts and techniques, to include circuit and network analysis, in electrical distribution system designs.
  • Research trends and advancements in electrical engineering systems, renewable resources, and green technology and participate in collaboration and meetings with industry representatives in electrical energy and lighting systems.


Education & Experience:

Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or related field and one (1) year of experience required with a basic knowledge of AutoCAD and Revit. Experience must also include the following: Demonstrated knowledge of electrical safety standards and energy codes such as NESC, IEEE, NEC, ASHRAE, IECC; grounding and bonding requirements; and Arc Flash Calculations in electrical engineering designs. Must be licensed PE.

 Career Development:

  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Discipline Supervisor


Qualified candidates email resumes to [email protected].