Technip Spoolbase

GSE partnered with design-build contractor GA West for Technip USA’s new 75,000-square-foot spoolbase facility. The facility fabricates and welds mile-long pipe lengths that are spooled and transported by large ships to be laid offshore for the oil and gas industry. GSE’s scope of work included life safety, mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil engineering design for the new pipe storage, assembly, spooling and loading facilities.

Mobile County

GSE provided survey and civil engineering services for Mobile County’s Pay-As-You-Go roadway projects. Survey services include right of way, map and deed preparation and field monumentation. The civil design included roadway centerline alignment, profile, cross sections, drainage facilities, intersection design, pavement sections, erosion and sediment control, traffic control, utility coordination and cost estimate development. Construction services included bid evaluation, full-time on-site monitoring, review of geotechnical tests, monthly pay estimate preparation and as-built documentation.

Airbus Final Assembly Line

GSE served as the engineer of record for the Airbus Final Assembly Line and third-party certifying surveyor for Brasfield & Gorrie during the construction of the final assembly line and logistics building. GSE survey crews also performed construction layout for the contractors of the overhead cranes, baseline and station points, and pile As-Builts on all buildings on-site. Additionally, GSE was selected as the layout surveyor of record for the MAAS Aviation paint hangar.

Centennial Plaza

Centennial Plaza, a historical site that once housed a Veterans Administration facility, was converted to a traditional neighborhood development. GSE provided topographic and tree surveying services to aid in the design of the improvements to the development. Additionally, GSE’s civil design included infrastructure improvements for the overall site. GSE has also provided civil engineering services for the Holiday Inn resort, the first anchor tenant for this development. GSE will continue to provide services as the development expands.

Lazy Magnolia Brewery

The first packaging brewery in Mississippi since prohibition, Lazy Magnolia, has seen steady growth since opening the brewery in 2005. With distribution in 16 states, a 15,000-square-foot expansion was needed to keep up with the growing demand. GSE provided surveying along with the expanded facility’s structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical design, including plumbing, survey, topographic survey, shallow foundations, panel boards, HVAC systems, load-bearing metal stud, lighting controls and switchboard.

Mellow Mushroom

Founded in Atlanta, GA, this growing pizza chain has over 120 locations in 16 states. GSE provided complete engineering services for constructing and renovating numerous Mellow Mushroom restaurants across the Southeast region, including HVAC systems, ventilation systems, plumbing, low voltage, shallow foundations, active system, bid assistance, lighting controls, panel boards, steel framing, grounding, lightning protection, site selection, fire protection, construction inspections, load-bearing masonry, switchboards and photometric calculations.

Dairy Queen

GSE collaborated with Bruce Tolar Architects to provide complete engineering services for constructing and renovating numerous Dairy Queens in the Southeast region, including HVAC systems, ventilation systems, plumbing, low voltage, shallow foundations, switchboards, bid assistance, lighting controls, panel boards, construction staking, stormwater modeling, topographic survey, erosion control/SWPPP, paving and grading, construction inspections, load-bearing masonry, master planning and construction inspections.

ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel

GSE was responsible for designing the Stainless Steel Hot Annealing and Pickle Line (HAPL), Cold Annealing and Pickle Line (CAPL), and all associated infrastructure, including medium voltage distribution, fire protection system design for the entire site, and lightning protection and grounding design for the Carbon Steel Complex. The HAPL and CAPL processes involve heating and acid etching the steel using a series of ovens and acid baths. The procedures require extensive process piping and systems, including various acid storage and distribution systems, steam, cooling water, natural gas, and electrical systems.


GSE performed a topographic survey and provided structural, civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for an architectural design for a three-story mixed-used property. The three-story building has approximately 14,000 square feet of total finished space and is constructed with metal stud infill. The first floor was converted to retail space and a parking area. The second and third floors each have four residences.


GSE teamed with Kajima Building and Design Group to provide all civil, structural, fire protection, and life safety design for DaikyoNishikawa’s new 295,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Huntsville, AL. The facility supplies plastic automotive parts to support the Mazda Toyota Manufacturing assembly plant in North Alabama.