Technip Spoolbase

GSE partnered with design-build contractor GA West for Technip USA’s new 75,000-square-foot spoolbase facility. The facility fabricates and welds mile-long pipe lengths that are spooled and transported by large ships to be laid offshore for the oil and gas industry. GSE’s scope of work included life safety, mechanical, electrical, structural, and civil engineering design for the new pipe storage, assembly, spooling and loading facilities.

Steel Banding Machine

Forest Products Equipment System: LP required an automated finished lumber banding station with improved safety and control consoles. GSE provided the system design from AutoCAD, PLC equipment assemblies, commissioning and operator training onsite. As a result, LP realized increased operator safety and throughput at the mill. The control system equipment was by Rockwell Automation SLC.

Lazy Magnolia Brewery

The first packaging brewery in Mississippi since prohibition, Lazy Magnolia, has seen steady growth since opening the brewery in 2005. With distribution in 16 states, a 15,000-square-foot expansion was needed to keep up with the growing demand. GSE provided surveying along with the expanded facility’s structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical design, including plumbing, survey, topographic survey, shallow foundations, panel boards, HVAC systems, load-bearing metal stud, lighting controls and switchboard.

ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel

GSE was responsible for designing the Stainless Steel Hot Annealing and Pickle Line (HAPL), Cold Annealing and Pickle Line (CAPL), and all associated infrastructure, including medium voltage distribution, fire protection system design for the entire site, and lightning protection and grounding design for the Carbon Steel Complex. The HAPL and CAPL processes involve heating and acid etching the steel using a series of ovens and acid baths. The procedures require extensive process piping and systems, including various acid storage and distribution systems, steam, cooling water, natural gas, and electrical systems.


GSE teamed with Kajima Building and Design Group to provide all civil, structural, fire protection, and life safety design for DaikyoNishikawa’s new 295,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Huntsville, AL. The facility supplies plastic automotive parts to support the Mazda Toyota Manufacturing assembly plant in North Alabama.

Lenzing Fiber

GSE provided all front-end design services for the planned expansion to Lenzing Fiber’s existing facility in Axis, AL. The expansion is expected to more than double current production levels to a total capacity of 140,000 tons annually. GSE’s scope includes all foundations, steel framing, industrial systems, medium voltage distribution, process piping and fire protection system design.


Oceaneering provides engineered services and products primarily to the offshore energy industry and focuses on deepwater applications. GSE provided planning, design, and construction supervision for a new undersea pipe umbilical facility built on a brownfield site. The project’s scope included renovating a 165,000-square-foot manufacturing space with two 50,000-square-foot circular buildings designed to spool pipe umbilicals. Detailed design included the manufacturing facility, spooling building, guard building, and gate. Site and utility design included grading, paving, storm drainage, fire water, domestic water, sewage, electrical, and communication lines.

NASA Area 47/48

GSE designed modifications to Building 103, a 45,000-square-foot facility in Area 47/48, to allow the transition from External Tank manufacturing to Space Launch Systems (SLS) manufacturing. Area 47/48 will be used to integrate SLS core stage sub-assemblies, including liquid hydrogen tanks, engine sections, intertanks, liquid oxygen tanks, and forward skirts. In addition to the final integration of the above-listed sub-assemblies, Building 103 will also house the installation of engines, feedline and press lines, systems tunnels with applicable wiring, and final testing and systems checkout. GSE provided structural, mechanical, electrical and fire protection design services for the renovated facility.

GE Facility

The GE mixing facility made an addition to its existing manufacturing plant. GSE provided the project’s fire protection design and fire protection updates of interior and exterior flammable and combustible liquid storage tanks. The full scope of work included tank protection, air aspirating detection, linear heat detection, fire alarm notification, foam water deluge, fire sprinkler, foam water monitor, fire hydrants, fire separation and fireproof testing and inspection.

Samuel, Son & Co.

Constructed on a 30-acre Greenfield site, this facility houses a world-class hybrid automotive blanking line with a width capability of up to 2050 mm. Other enhancements include the ability to inspect, clean, level and lubricate sheet as well as produce rectangular, chevron and custom shapes. GSE provided civil, rail, architectural, life safety, and foundation design for Phase 1 and 2 of this project. Phase 1 was completed as a design-build partnership with Brasfield & Gorrie. The facility comprises over 200,000 square feet of environmentally controlled process and coil storage, an administrative office building, a tornado shelter and pallet storage. Phase 2 includes a new 2133mm wide slitter.